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BBB has a "Green" approach in seeking innovative and eco-sustainable solutions to design and build Bio-Bricks with natural materials, totally reusable in the perspective of the circular economy.


We work on the innovation front in green building, with a series of unique patents at an international level, in search of disruptive, reliable and affordable solutions.


BioBuildingBlock is a safe system tested in university research laboratories. We work to create the first real world construction system in reinforced wood, improving its performance above all in an anti-seismic key.


Our goal is to make our products accessible and convenient: despite the strong technological component, BioBuildingBlock allows to build structures in a relatively cheap way.


In the construction sector there is an increasing use of modular prefabricated elements to create walls, load-bearing structures or entire buildings quickly and economically, without having to resort to traditional methods. The known prefabricated structures generally consist of panels anchored to each other by means of external elements, such as brackets or the like, which also increase assembly times and consequently the overall construction costs of the structure.

The innovative wooden bio-brick for modular green building “Bio-Building-Block” is able to overcome these drawbacks thanks to the possibility of creating solid building structures in a particularly efficient and relatively cheap way: the assembly of walls using BioBuildingBlock takes place through quick couplings and precise modules, guaranteeing environmentally friendly building constructions with a high insulation coefficient, both thermal and acoustic.



The innovative BioBuildingBlock brick for modular green building manages to overcome these drawbacks thanks to the possibility of creating solid building structures in a particularly efficient and relatively cheap way. The particular configuration of the modules will allow you to mount even load-bearing walls quickly and precisely, without the use of cementitious mortars or special adhesives, with the possibility of creating multi-storey buildings. The internal steel bar system allows the clamping of adjacent BioBuildingBlock biomass bricks by creating a reinforced wooden wall, which guarantees constructive strength and flexibility by raising the anti-seismic level of the building. Thanks to the ease of assembly of the BioBuildingBlock Bio-brick it is possible to build with reduced manpower and in a very short time, considerably reducing the costs associated with classic construction sites and without waste materials. BioBuildingBlock is patented.

The innovative bio-brick BioBuildingBlock is made of natural wood, metal bars and can house natural materials such as wood shavings, cellulose, rock or sheep wool for environmentally friendly construction projects with a high insulation coefficient, both thermal and acoustic.


With a view to circular economy, insulating materials of natural origin can be obtained as waste from primary processes such as wood shavings, other vegetable fibers, or from the recycling of paper such as cellulose flakes, sheep’s wool recycled from old clothing or to finish wool. mineral. In addition, BioBuildingBlock biobricks can be used again and again to construct new buildings or its components for other uses.

The BioBuildingBlock biobricks can be customized with channels to house systems or holes for electrical sockets, which allows during the design phase to define the number and position of each customized brick for the subsequent assembly phase, guaranteeing rapid execution and enormous environmental sustainability. due to the absence of waste materials on site: it is no longer necessary to erect walls as in classic building and then break them to create conduits in which to house the electrical, water or heating systems.

Each BioBuildingBlock biobrick guarantees the subtraction of about 10 kg of CO2 from the environment, which translates into a simple house of about 100 square meters in a total of about 24 tons of CO2 subtracted from the environment as they are stored in the raw material used, i.e. the wood.

Great sustainability and enormous respect for nature since all the raw material used for the production of BioBuildingBlock bricks is FSC or PEFC certified wood, i.e. wood derived from controlled and certified cuts of trees.


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