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Why BioBuildingBlock

BBB has a "Green" approach in seeking innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to design and build Bio-Bricks with natural materials, totally reusable in the perspective of circular economy.
We work on the front of innovation in green building, with a number of unique patents at the international level, in the search of disruptive solutions, reliable and cost-effective.
BioBuildingBlock is a safe System tested in university research laboratories. We work to create the world's first true reinforced wood building system by improving its performance especially in earthquake-resistant key
Our goal is to make our products accessible and affordable: despite the strong component technology, BioBuildingBlock allows structures to be built relatively inexpensively.

Innovative and Sustainable

Respect for the environment is our number one priority: Each patented BioBuildingBlock biobrick guarantees a much lower emission of CO2 into the environment, up to 10kg of CO2 in fact. For instance a small 100 square meter villa will reduce its CO2 emissions by no less than 24 tons, subtracted from the environment as they are stored in the raw material used, namely wood, FSC or PEFC certified as evidence of the high value of sustainability and enormous respect for nature since all wood comes from controlled and certified cuts of trees. BioBuildingBlock is patented.

Circular Economy

All insulation materials present in BioBuildingBlocks biobricks are recycled from natural sources such as wood shavings or other vegetable fibers like Straw, Hemp, Sheep’s Wool from old clothing, Cellulose Flakes or Cork. All of this is to facilitate a circular economy; the same BioBuildingBlock
bio-bricks can be recycled to make new materials or structures.

No Waste

BioBuildingBlock biobricks can eliminate the waste that comes with traditional construction sites like needing to erect walls that will then be broken to house electrical ducts, heating pipes or water pipes. Thanks to its clever design, the exact position of each brick can be decided well ahead during the planning stages which naturally makes it far easier and quicker to assemble on top of making them much more eco friendly.


Compared to other methods of constructions, BiobuildingBlocks is much more economical as it is protected by an international patent. Thermal Insulation is one of the keys to improving the energy
efficiency of a building, so the materials used to make BioBuildingBlocks have high thermal insulation which guarantees buildings to consume much less energy on top of cutting expenses.
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