Quick and Easy Construction

It is very common within the industry to use pre made modular parts, be it to make walls, loadbearing structures or entire buildings as fast and cheaply as possible. However, this also involves using poles, mortars or similar supplemental materials to keep parts together; this can greatly increase construction times which means it increases costs and pollution. No such inconveniences are needed for BioBuildingBlock bricks, without the need for mortar and other industrial adhesives there’s no need to worry about the costs of construction sites and their high level of CO2 emissions, it also still allows for multi-storey residential areas or industrial buildings. Additionally, its ease of construction means less need for labour and a massive reduction in the usual costs and massive energy consumption and CO2 emission tied to construction sites.

The innovative BioBuildingBlock brick succeeds in overcoming such drawbacks by enabling the creation of solid building structures in a particularly efficient and relatively inexpensive way, without the use of cement mortars or adhesives. Thanks to the ease of assembly of the BioBuildingBlock system, it is possible to realize even multi-story buildings with reduced manpower and in a very short time by lowering significantly the costs associated with classic construction sites and thus energy consumption and CO2 emissions


Biobuildingblock biobricks can be easily modified to house electrical pipes, heating ducts, water ducts, and they can even be used to house switches. The number and placement of each brick can be carefully pre planned for every phase of the assembly process, meaning once again than it greatly reduces construction and assembly time, guaranteeing an efficient process that’s also very much environmentally friendly. This method obviously eliminates any waste as everything is used: it is no longer necessary to erect walls as in classic buildings and then break them to create conduits in which to house the electrical, water or heating systems, eliminating the resulting materials for the benefit of environmental sustainability. This can all be customized to the most miniscule detail as to the costumer’s decisions. Even the insulating material that makes up our bio bricks can be made of naturally sourced materials such as sawdust, vegetable fiber, hemp, recycled paper flakes, rock wool, sheep wool or wool obtained from used clothes. Each material can be chosen in advance by the costumer.

The insulation material of natural origin contained within the brick is also customizable because it is the customer's choice from a range of possibilities such as wood chips or other plant fibers such as straw, hemp, cork, cellulose flakes from paper recycling, sheep wool from recycling old clothing or wool.


Our current housing module allows the making of single or double family households, tourist buildings or even hospital buildings of being much faster on top of cost-effective. It’s even possible for said buildings to have multiple floors as BBBs are modular. Said housing module is sold as a kit, all components can be costumized in advance at the client’s request. Its packaging is extremely compact which makes transportation easier reducing CO2 emissions.

Earthquake-proof and solidly built

The internal system of steel bars and cylinders allows the clamping of adjacent BioBuildingBlock biomattons realizing a reinforced wood wall, the first and only one in the world , which simultaneously provides constructive strength and flexibility to increase the building's ability to withstand even major seismic events in particular due to the improved propensity of the building system to dissipate seismic wave energy.

Biobuildingblock bricks are reinforced with steel rods interconnected thanks to cylinders without the need of mortar or cement, as such, they can make unique reinforced wooden walls. This makes them flexible on top of being resistant, so every building can be prepared in case of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes or other natural occurrences since their steel reinforcements can dissipate seismic energy; the way they’re firmly grounded gives walls a great structural integrity. This of course guarantees greater safety for its inhabitants.

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