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Innovative start up BBB Ltd. was born in 2020 from an entrepreneurial idea based on the international patent and the bold vision of the start up's Founder as well as inventor of the BioBuildingBlock module. R&D strategy is the basis of the technical development of the start up BBB, which confirms the design innovativeness and added value vs. competitors. The start up collaborates closely with leading national research centers such as the Strentgh Department of Engineering at UniSa and the ITC-CNR in Milan: this has enabled it to carry out a series of experimental tests preparatory to obtainingETA certification and the CE mark.

The start-up team is heterogeneous in terms of education but united by a strong green spirit and a desire to change the patterns of construction thanks to the high innovative value of BioBuildingBlock, which enables the construction of reinforced wood walls with increased earthquake safety and improved living comfort. The current solution of the housing module, makes it even easier, faster and cheaper to build single-family houses, tourist and accommodation facilities up to polyclinic health centers.

Ad oggi BBB conta altri 2 brevetti recentemente approvati nel settore del “Green Tech” ed un brevetto nel Digital Health già approvato a livello internazionale (PCT) e nazionale (UIBM) ed in fase di estensione internazionale. Tutti insieme i vari brevetti rappresentano al meglio i valori di Innovazione e Sostenibilità codificati nel DNA della giovane start up BBB. Il biomattone BioBuildingBlock è coperto da brevetto già approvato in Europa ed USA. BioBuildingBlock si è aggiudicato il premio internazionale “Innovation & Excellence Award 2022” e “Innovation & Excellence Award 2023” per innovazione e sostenibilità, vedendosi riconosciuti i due valori fondamentali della start-up quali la sostenibilità e l’innovazione. L’alto valore innovativo della start up BBB srl è stato anche recentemente riconosciuto con il “Premio America Innovazione” attribuito da Fondazione Italia USA come riconoscimento nazionale per le migliori start up innovative italiane: il premio è stato ritirato presso la Camera dei Deputati il 5 maggio 2023 dal Founder e Amministratore della start up BBB Marco Citro.

Experimental evidence

Project for patent enhancement aimed at the qualification of static, dynamic and seismic structural performance as well as acoustic insulation of BioBuildingBlock wooden modules performed in collaboration with the STRENGHT laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Salerno, a department of excellence (MUR calls 2018-2022 and 2023-2027). The project was supported by European funds in collaboration with MISE and Invitalia through patent+. Scientific head of the experimentation prof. ing. Gianvittorio Rizzano. Further experimental tests for fire resistance and thermal insulation qualification were carried out in collaboration with ITC-CNR and IUAV. The tests were carried out successively on single wooden modules, on panels obtained from the mechanical joining of several adjacent modules, and ending with integral buildings obtained again from the mechanical joining of wooden modules.

How BioBuildingBlock was born.

The invention of BioBuildingBlock is the result of founder Marco Citro's passionate research in finding a building solution that could withstand even very strong seismic events and was environmentally friendly, thanks to his love for nature. The founder's personal experience of having survived the Irpinia earthquake of 1980, while still a child, determined over time the desire to search for a different and better way to construct the safest and most sustainable buildings, preventing deaths and damage to the environment. Upon the occurrence in recent years of very serious seismic events in central Italy, such as those in Aquila and Amatrice, the idea of creating the first reinforced wood wall through the mechanical joining of BioBuildingBlock bricks took shape.

Thus began the exciting founder's design and development project for the first BioBuildingBlock bio-brick to build wood walls
reinforced. The development of the project led to F.E.M. analyses to evaluate its static and dynamic structural properties and resistance even to high winds up to 250 km/h, with consistently surprising results and confirming the high technical value of the patented invention. Passionate development of the BioBuildingBlock module has continued unceasingly since its invention, allowing for continuous improvement of its characteristics and performance, as revealed in the latest technical experimental tests conducted in collaboration with top Italian research centers, such as STRENGHT, Department of Excellence in Civil Engineering at the University of Salerno, ITC-CNR in Milan, and IUAV in Venice.

The goal of continuous and unceasing research and development for BioBuildingBlock is to ensure safe and sustainable construction technology for new buildings to be built.



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